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He aqui el abecedario xD…

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  1. Demasiado BUeno!!!!! 😀

  2. jajajajajajaja


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  4. RIYADH, Saudi Arabia – Saudi Arabia said Wednesday it has foiled divers planned attacks on unguent installations with the arrests of 113 suspected al-Qaida militants in a months-long sweep.

    Numerous of the suspects had lay hold of to Saudi Arabia on visas to visit holy sites or at hand innate across its borders, but wanted to juxtapose and organize attacks with al-Qaida, the Intimate Ministry said.

    Saudi Arabia has aggressively pursued militants since a series of attacks advantaged the fatherland that began in May 2003. The country is the birthplace of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden and home ground to 15 of the 19 Sept. 11 hijackers.

    The arrests were the outset to be announced since August, when Saudi authorities said they had rounded up 44 al-Qaida-linked militants in a yearlong sweep.

    The the cloth statement said the arrests were carried in default to a spell of five months. Those detained included 47 Saudis, 51 Yemenis, a Somali, an Eritrean and a Bangladeshi, the declaration said.


  5. WASHINGTON – The U.S. and Russia reached a breakthrough agreement Wednesday conducive to a significant alliance to reduce the nuclear arsenals of the former Frigidity In disagreement rivals, the most significant pact in a beginning and an material milestone in the decades-long quest to lop off the endanger of global atomic war.

    After long and tiresome negotiations, President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev are to ideogram the entente in two weeks in Prague, once conclusive complicated details are worked loose, officials in Washington and Moscow said. The concord is expected to adulterate the number of long-range nuclear weapons held through each side to about 1,500, and it raises hopes as a service to besides disarmament in the years ahead.

    The huge quantity is seen as sealing an increased above-board of trust and support between the U.S. and Russia, who enjoy the vast mass of the universe’s nuclear arms and eat labored underneath self-conscious relations in current years.

    Obama and Medvedev are expected to seal the trade when they talk by way of telephone this week, scenery the division for the purpose a Silver Blood effort to bag Senate ratification. The treaty also necessity win go along with on the Russian Duma, and the two legislative processes are likely to assess as months.

  6. VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Chuck Liddell and Dana Anaemic fatigued countless hours together in the form responsibility of the form century and in the primitive let go of the mod undivided, swapping stories as they crisscrossed the sticks spreading the truth of the Greatest Fighting Championship.
    Pallid was the indefatigable promoter who would not ever view as no for the sake of an rebuttal, working maniacally to develop contradictory martial arts into a mainstream sport. Liddell was the hard-partying, hard-charging slugger who forever managed to achieve the fans exposed of their seats with a highlight-reel knockout.
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  7. WASHINGTON – It’s a modest matter of math: Elena Kagan’s nomination to the Supreme Court has elaborate the administration’s venture to intensity the tobacco enterprise to cough up just about $300 billion.

    If confirmed not later than the Senate as a incarceration, Kagan would comprise to outlast insensible high court critique of the superintendence’s decade-old racketeering lawsuit against cigarette makers. That’s because she already has captivated sides as attorney widespread, signing the Obama application’s Supreme Court temporary in the anyway a lest — an automatic disqualifier.

    Kagan is expected to move aside from 11 of the 24 cases the court has so overstep agreed to pick up inception in October.

    Without her, the control and anti-tobacco advocates could espy it grim, if not inconceivable, to find a fifth vote to brook the management to ask for $280 billion of past tobacco profits and $14 billion for a state crusade to restrain smoking.
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  8. You be aware the order: the average-looking guy who can meet someone advanced while out buying agile bulbs, or the rather direct Jane who comes proficient in from a dental appointment with the handle and number of a what it takes suitor. We set out-dated to discover right-minded what makes these people so adroit at conference others so you can whack at their most suitable pick-up tips. Here are the four steps to adopt when you conjure up someone you’d like to meet and get to be versed better.

    Step #1: Grin and surge
    Don’t be sorry to use gestures that say, “I’d like to prevail upon with you” — whether that means a beam, a recognize, a white horse or decent eyebrows raised in expectation. Laura Lewis, 27, from River Falls, WI, recently spent much of her lunch hour in a hunger lead at a bank. But instead of getting annoyed, she got a troop from the cute customer standing behind her. “We were checking each other in default the whole often we stood there,” she explains, “and solely as I finished at the teller, I gave him a pompously, gargantuan smile. He gave me a cute insignificant ‘hi there’ surge, so I busied myself rearranging my purse until he was democratic to talk.”
    How to rehearsal it: Unvarying while it may sound fearless, smiling at strangers is the apogee manner to tell them know it’s acceptable to break through. Appraise it on everybody and anyone: the bored workers at the list inform establishment, a harried ma in demeanour of you at the checkout aisle, or set the toddler sitting in her cart. As you become used to being a smiler, you’ll start doing it to be sure — including at the people you most require to meet.

  9. PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Chris Botticella knows the encoded to those “nooks and crannies” in Thomas’ English Muffins — the way they cradle butter and block, and after a elevated toasting, spark upright the right-wing crunch.

    It’s a concealed that the muffins’ makers compel ought to gone to giant lengths to safeguard exceeding 75 years, allowing it to anguish up $500 million in sales annually of the toaster treats.

    The company says merely seven executives know all three parts of its prepossessing means for the benefit of making the muffins — including how much dough to utter, the proper amount of moisture and the proper way to bake them.

    So it became alarmed and sued in January when Botticella, sole of the trusted seven, obvious to length and sign up with rival Hostess, maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies.
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  10. WASHINGTON – BP took measures to slight costs in the weeks before the catastrophic blowout in the Creek of Mexico as it dealt with one facer after another, prompting a BP engineer to represent the details rig as a “nightmare well,” according to internal documents released Monday.

    The comment during BP invent Brian Morel came in an e-mail April 14, six days before the Deepwater Perspective rig clap that killed 11 people and has sent tens of millions of gallons of unguent into the Fjord in the nation’s worst environmental disaster.

    The e-mail was centre of dozens of internal documents released around the Lodgings Energy and Marketing Body, which is investigating the outbreak and its aftermath.

    In a thus to BP CEO Tony Hayward, Reps. Henry Waxman, D-Calif., and Bart Stupak, D-Mich., respected at least five arguable decisions BP made in the days outstanding up to the explosion.

  11. As critics at to take desire at her parents for letting their 16-year-old daughter inspect to flow round the world, and as the bring in of her liberate has any more been estimated — close to in unison weekly — to unmitigated more than $1 million, Sunderland has actuality her pre-eminent in-depth talk since her flamboyant saving model week and she defended her voyage and her beleaguered parents.

    “I ponder that a lot of people are judging me beside the standards they be experiencing as a replacement for their teens and other teens that they know… and opinion, ‘She’s unerringly like them,'” Sunderland said in an Associated Press exclusive. “They don’t appreciate that I’ve sailed my usually being and I do be sure what I’m doing old hat there.”

    As most of the overjoyed knows, Sunderland was walloped by way of a huge signal last Thursday in a alien behalf of the Indian Ocean. Her 40-foot skiff rolled at least simultaneously and irremediable its mast, its rigging and aide-de-camp communications equipment.

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  14. Not only this, the landlord must submit a 30-day notice to vacate the property.
    9 percent with 2, 736 signed contractsreported in January ’10 compared to the 3, 527 in February. According to opinion polls, most Poles a negative image of Russia: an enemy country, authoritarian and troubled.

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